We proudly serve New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware states. We are dedicated to providing expert wood window/door repair and replacement solutions. Our company is the culmination of many years of experience in residential carpentry, as well as repairs  and remodeling in the residential sector.

Over the years we have worked with all of the major window manufacturers.

We have also used different window materials such as wood, clad, vinyl and composite, and became very knowledgeable about the benefits of each.

We have repaired and replaced thousands of windows. Along with the full window replacement projects we offer just a repair/restoration procedures which replaces specific part of the window (glass pane, glazing beads, window sash, window sill, hardware), thus providing a very custom approach to satisfy the customer the best we can.






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We are happy to accommodate you with your window project whenever you want to update your house, or if you start feeling the air draft through your windows, or when the windows frame become deformed over its lifetime. At this point the windows lose their insulation property, and the full window replacement might be the only solution. A brand new window will indeed be a perfect solution to all your window problems, it will also help you save money on your heating costs, and will update the look of your house.    

Our Service includes two stages.

Free consultation at your home is performed by the experienced estimator, who can outline the entire project and answer all possible questions

The consultation includes:

  • Determining the cause of the window failure to avoid similar problem in the future
  • Assisting in the new window selection process
  • Performing all measuring
  • Explaining the process of the window replacement, time frames, warranty, and answering any other questions.

Installation Process – Due to our experience in window repair we understand the importance of the right window installation and selection of the proper, high quality materials. The process includes:

  • Eliminating the cause of the window problems (ex. Rotten frame)
  • Installation of the window
  • Insulation – application of window foam
  • Installation of exterior PVC trim or aluminum flashing per customer request
  • Caulking services
  • Cleaning the work area
  • Demonstration of the new product upon the completed service (inspection of the functionality)

Choose your type of window:

Todays market is saturated with many different vinyl windows manufacturers that vary in quality. Some companies go bankrupt after just a few years in business because of the low quality products and leave the customers facing the windows problems on their own, thus incurring double or even triple expenses.

We sell our vinyl window portfolio only from a proven vendor that has been in business for a long time. Besides the manufacturer’s warranty, we also give a warranty for our installation to make sure the customer is well covered and ensured with the right quality.

For our vinyl window portfolio we recommend and use windows from Advanced Window Corp. However, we will be happy to provide you and install any other brand of windows you would like.

Advanced window corp.

Advanced Window Corp. proudly manufactures and distributes windows and doors for the US market that are of the highest quality, exceeding the most current and strictest thermal and structural requirements. By installing our Energy Star¬ģ ¬†rated products in your home, you qualify for the Federal Tax Credit, and you also get one of the best warranties in the industry. This level of quality and durability is available for a price that you can afford

For more information please visit manufacturer web site


   Wooden window Рare the windows that people are most commonly used to, and can be seen in historic buildings. These windows fascinates us through their natural beauty and big variety of shapes. One of the most unique qualities of wooden window is its natural match to the furniture, doors, and wood flooring. Windows, along with their natural purpose to protect the house from exterior factors, as well as furniture create the atmosphere of peace, and make the interior of the house complete. This is possible only with proven building materials that have been used for centuries.

   We will help you chose the highest quality wooden window in the market and help you install them right.

   We have great relationships with such window industry leaders as Anderson, Marvin, Jeld-Wen, and Pella. We can offer you very affordable prices and satisfactory service.


   Custom built to your specifications with heavy-duty extruded aluminum, ProVia storm windows offer the most in energy efficiency, weather protection and noise reduction.  ProVia aluminum storm windows are available in 16 beautiful colors, complementing any style home. Low-E and other glass options increase energy savings.

   Glass blocks are the most secure building material to replace a single pane window. This product offers a level of security that is unmatched by any other alternative.
   Single pane windows are susceptible to break-ins, whereas a glass block basement window is not because it acts as a brick wall.

¬† ¬†Glass block basement windows can be put together with either silicone or mortar. Additionally, you can even choose to get a fresh air vent installed into the window to give you the opportunity to enjoy a nice¬†cross breeze. Now if you are thinking ‚ÄúHow does a vent go into the glass blocks?‚ÄĚ, it doesn‚Äôt. Fresh air vents actually take the space of a few glass blocks and it sits¬†in the middle of them.

   Like the glass blocks themselves, it is also airtight and secure so a basement window with a vent is just as strong and secure as one without a vent.



We want to hear from you! Drop us a support request or call us at 267.314.7757 for a FREE in Home Estimate – We’re here to help!

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