Should I repair or replace Wood Windows?


Wooden windows have always been the most popular choice for homeowners adding value to their property with personalized features and custom specification. Moreover, these have been considered throughout history as a great architectural detail in any home or building. Unsurprisingly, whether it is a wooden window or glass door, everything bears wear and tear of daily use. However, in cases of metallic and glass-made windows, most of the times they require replacement. On the contrary, in 90% of all wood windows, they can be repaired keeping its artistic features and majestic attributes as they were in its new condition.  That’s why most of the interior designers, home decorators, and carpenters suggest choosing wood windows.

Should I repair or replace?

Wood windows, when diligently painted and properly maintained, can last more than a century. However, even when they appear severely damaged, most of them they can be repaired. Therefore, if you’re struggling with a broken window, from damaged sills to foggy insulated glass, repair and fix wooden window instead of replacing it. Especially if you contact a wood windows repair expert, you will get professional rotten window repair service for a very competitive price along with many reasons for repair instead of replacement as follow:

  1. Beauty and Appeal: Wood, when skillfully crafted, has a captivating organic quality for unbeatable majestic appeal.
  2. Variety of Design and Styles: It is essential that the window design you choose pairs well with overall home furnishing and its architectural style. If you are making changes in your home decorations, do not forget to fix wooden window with a similar design.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Wood featuring much smaller amount of carbon than other materials utilized to construct windows makes it the best environmentally friendly choice.
  4. Energy Saving: Insulation and double-glazing can easily reduce the energy consumption and expenses spent on maintaining and regulating the temperature in your home or apartment by as much as fifty percent.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Unlike metal or glass, it is easy to get rotten window repaired and fix wooden window.
  6. Timelessness: Antique wooden windows and other items are still in demand irrespective of its cost and condition because of the memories and emotions attached to it. Consequently, these render a timeless appeal which doesn’t date, instead grows in value and appeal over time. Even if they get damaged, it is easier to repair them as compared to glass-made and metallic windows. Moreover, wood windows repair is cheaper than replacement.

When windows need repair?

Wooden windows keep your home pleasant and appealing. That’s why occasionally they’ll require some care. Natural reasons, like the ever-changing weather, can cause early wear and tear of any home item. But a window is more prone to risk since it’s the thinnest medium between you and the outside. Mentioned below are a few telling reasons that your windows need repair:

  1. Fix wooden window if they are cracked, damaged or chipped window panes
  2. You need rotten window repair service if the window has discolored sections
  3. When they make sounds and stuck while opening and closing
  4. When you see peels, leaks, and stripping sash sections in the windows
  5. Wood windows repair is mandatory when any part of them has fallen off the frame

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Do Replacement Windows Save Money? True Story.

How I can save money on home remodeling and repairing?

Have you ever asked yourself that?

I believe you did, so as hundreds of homeowners out there including myself. It can get really overwhelming and frustrating dealing with different companies and subcontractors, especially, when you know nothing or very little about construction.

However if something has to be done around the house, otherwise it cost you and your family a lot of discomfort and money waist, majority of us forget to do a proper research.
Especially, if we are talking about some of the most important and the most expensive parts of the house, windows.



Advertisement and professionals tell us to replace old windows and by doing so you are:

  • Making a wise financial investment in your house;
  • Being “Green” – saving energy;
  • Making your house easier to sell by improving the appearance;


I’m sorry, but you have been fooled.


Total window replacement was created to take your money and have nothing to do points describe up about. Often homeowner’s they need window replacement because nowadays window industry spends tens of millions of dollars a year to convince them to buy their interior products.

Let me explain.

Your bills won’t go down as much as the window salesman promised. In fact, your new replacement windows will save you so little money on your energy bills that the payback period for this investment may be more than 100 years — far longer than the new windows are likely to last.

You can repair old wood windows and save money. Excess paint and broken pulley systems are the most common problems with wood windows, but they are really easy fix. Stripping and refinishing the wood, as well as replacing the rope in the pulley system with a chain, will give your wood window long life.

Rotted wood doesn’t necessarily mean window death.Window repair specialist can usually fix bad part of your window, and it is going to look and perform like new. Properly maintained wood windows and storm windows work together like the two pieces of glass in a double-pane window.

As well if you add weather stripping to wood windows and storm windows, it is possible to achieve similar energy ratings of double-pane replacement windows. Of course, if your windows were neglected you may consider window replacement, but do yourself a favor and, meet with window repair specialist in your area to discuss what can be done.

Remember you can’t fix vinyl windows, when they broke in 5-10 years you will have to replace them again, but you can always fix wood windows and they can work years.

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