Foggy Glass Replacement in Montgomery, PA


This is no way to look out at the world, through a blurry, mottled window. Worse than that, the dirty-looking glass makes the inside of the home look dingy. And even worse than that, the window is no longer providing the insulation necessary to keep the home energy efficient.

An insulating glass unit (IGU) is composed of two panels of glass separated by a spacer and sealed together at the edges. The sealed space between the two panels may be a vacuum or may be filled with a gas (usually argon or krypton). That sealed space in the primary means of reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. It not only makes your home more comfortable and lowers your heating and air-conditioning bills lower, it decreases your energy consumption, a major factor in protecting our environment.

All of that is dependent on the seal. If a seal fails, moist air enters the space between the panes. The moisture evaporates when the weather is warm, then condenses when it is cold. In the above photo, you see the trapped condensation. It isn’t ever going away. It’s only going to get worse.

Seals don’t “blow” easily. They have a heavy load on them and hold up valiantly during the ordinary conditions of extreme temperatures, both high and low; heavy rains beating on the window; winds blowing against the panes, as well the occasional bump from a baseball or myopic bird. Seals hold up in less-than-ordinary conditions, such as a house fire or hurricane-force winds. There are seals that held up when a car struck a home! Sometimes we even contribute, such as when we slam windows shut and rattle the seals. Other times, it’s as simple as seals “aging out.” Or maybe they were not installed properly in the first place. For whatever reason (usually it’s a combination of reasons), a seal breaks away from the glass panes.

During the summer, when the air temperatures outside are warm and, therefore, the glass is warm, you won’t know the seal is broken. As we said, the moisture getting into the space between the panes is evaporating. And then winter comes. The glass is cold, the warm air in your home is trying its best to escape, carrying moist air into the window cavity and, voila!, there’s the condensation (i.e., fog).

The bad news is that seals cannot be repaired or replaced. Even if you could separate the old panes, clean them up and reseal them, which is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do, the minerals in the air have scratched the glass and it is permanently damaged.

The good news is that you don’t have to replace the entire window. What a relief, right? That’s a terribly expensive proposition, and it feels even worse because companies charge more per window to replace one or a few than to replace every window in the house. Then there is the cost of your time and the inconvenience: the long wait for the replacements, at least several days at home while they are being replaced, moving furniture so that the installers have room to work, putting it back, and the possibly of damage to your home as old windows are taken out and new ones installed.

Replacing the sashes is less expensive than replacing the whole window, but just try to have that done. Even if you know the brand of your windows and who installed them originally, you’ll have a very difficult time finding a company that will do the job. They are in business to install or replace all (or many) of the windows in a home. Their profit margins are not based on replacing a sash now and then.

But fear not, there is an easy, efficient and cost-effective way to have a clear, energy-saving window like the one above: replace the IGU. Our company will come to your home, examine the window and measure the IGU, including the size of the air space. When the new one is ready, we will come back to remove the moldings and the old IGU, install and seal the new one. You have an unblemished view from your window, clean glass that isn’t diminishing your interior décor and the assurance that your home is properly insulated.

When a seal first fails, you won’t know it. As we said, warm temperatures keep the condensation at bay. And there is another reason: The spacer that is holding the two panes of glass apart contains a desiccant material (a substance that absorbs moisture from the air), such as silica gel, calcium oxide, Montmorillonite clay, which keeps the space between the two panes dry. It is not until the desiccant is saturated that the condensation and, therefore, the fogging begins.

Don’t wait for the fog. Ensure that your seals are in tact by conducting an easy investigation:

  • Check for light coming through or gaps between the window and the wall and between the sash and the frame.
  • Closely examine the panes of glass for signs of moisture.
  • Tap on each pane to see if it rattles.
  • Make sure that sashes open and close smoothly.
  • Dampen your hand and hold it near the seals to see if there is a draft.
  • Or hold a lit candle near the seals (best done on windy day). If the flame bends or the smoke drifts, a draft is letting air in or out of your home.

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Check Your Window Screens Regularly

If you are living in a region where the sun shines a little too bright or an area that suffers from severe humidity, then you surely have a lot to worry about. Hot and bright sunrays penetrating your windows will not only increase the temperature but also affect your furnishings (How you wonder?). Well exposing your fabric sofa or plastic decorative to direct sunlight will fade its color in the long run. How would your sofa look with one side faded and the other intact? Funny right? And you surely don’t want that to happen, which is why you need a window screen at your home immediately.

Window screens can protect your house in one too many ways. Firstly, they add a tinting effect to your windows, which means that sunlight penetration would be lower. The net mesh, mostly made out of fiberglass or wired mess, creates an obstacle for sunlight to bypass properly and reduces penetration. Secondly, it will reduce the visibility at night, meaning, you can keep your curtains apart without worrying about a peeking eye.

Well that just happens to cover a few advantages associated with window screens. There are other underlying benefits of equipping your windows with screens, especially if you live in a vicinity with a lot of bugs.

Bugs can be real pests, that bring along with them various parasites and diseases. Not to mention the irritability by their buzzing around your ears or feasting on your favorite dish. Bugs such as stingy flies and mosquito’s can cause moderate to severe health risks; dengue, malaria, and yellow fever are commonly associated with mosquito bites. If you value hygiene and health, you would probably want a viable solution; bug sprays and insect killers are costly and repetitive. Be smart; get your window screen today.

Window screens are an ideal solution if you have sunlight or bug issues at your home.You would still need occasional screen repair but it is still a cost effective solution compared to changing your furniture or the recurring costs of insect repellents. Now you must be wondering whether your windows are standard size for window screens or not, well, your worries are taken care of. These days, there are numerous window screen manufacturers, who custom build window screens in any size. So you can get a screen for your window or door regardless of its dimensions. What is even better is that you get to choose the type of material you want, so it is pretty much variable when it comes to pricing. You can choose the expensive versions like fiberglass mesh which is sturdier and rust proof and obviously has a longer life span or you can choose regular net mesh, which is made from plastic, thread, iron, etc.

For ones who already have a window screen, it is advisable to check them before spring arrives. The humidity and moisture in the air often corrodes iron mesh, which deteriorates quickly and becomes easily breakable (you can simply poke your finger through it). For other types of mesh, they are often damaged by birds and other animals who keep attempting to get their way through, which is the primary reason for screen repair. Overlooking your screen repair can be troublesome later on and may result in screen replacement, so it is best to have a routine check just before spring arrives to keep your home pest free as well as to maintain a high level of hygiene in a cost-effective fashion. Check your window screens by checking its strength; you can try poking your finger to see how much it can hold, if you feel you can do away with screen repair then feel blessed or else opt for a screen replacement. You also need to check for corners and borders as that is where they are prone to break first, which cannot be repaired by a screen repair professional and would require screen replacement.

Should I repair or replace Wood Windows?


Wooden windows have always been the most popular choice for homeowners adding value to their property with personalized features and custom specification. Moreover, these have been considered throughout history as a great architectural detail in any home or building. Unsurprisingly, whether it is a wooden window or glass door, everything bears wear and tear of daily use. However, in cases of metallic and glass-made windows, most of the times they require replacement. On the contrary, in 90% of all wood windows, they can be repaired keeping its artistic features and majestic attributes as they were in its new condition.  That’s why most of the interior designers, home decorators, and carpenters suggest choosing wood windows.

Should I repair or replace?

Wood windows, when diligently painted and properly maintained, can last more than a century. However, even when they appear severely damaged, most of them they can be repaired. Therefore, if you’re struggling with a broken window, from damaged sills to foggy insulated glass, repair and fix wooden window instead of replacing it. Especially if you contact a wood windows repair expert, you will get professional rotten window repair service for a very competitive price along with many reasons for repair instead of replacement as follow:

  1. Beauty and Appeal: Wood, when skillfully crafted, has a captivating organic quality for unbeatable majestic appeal.
  2. Variety of Design and Styles: It is essential that the window design you choose pairs well with overall home furnishing and its architectural style. If you are making changes in your home decorations, do not forget to fix wooden window with a similar design.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Wood featuring much smaller amount of carbon than other materials utilized to construct windows makes it the best environmentally friendly choice.
  4. Energy Saving: Insulation and double-glazing can easily reduce the energy consumption and expenses spent on maintaining and regulating the temperature in your home or apartment by as much as fifty percent.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Unlike metal or glass, it is easy to get rotten window repaired and fix wooden window.
  6. Timelessness: Antique wooden windows and other items are still in demand irrespective of its cost and condition because of the memories and emotions attached to it. Consequently, these render a timeless appeal which doesn’t date, instead grows in value and appeal over time. Even if they get damaged, it is easier to repair them as compared to glass-made and metallic windows. Moreover, wood windows repair is cheaper than replacement.

When windows need repair?

Wooden windows keep your home pleasant and appealing. That’s why occasionally they’ll require some care. Natural reasons, like the ever-changing weather, can cause early wear and tear of any home item. But a window is more prone to risk since it’s the thinnest medium between you and the outside. Mentioned below are a few telling reasons that your windows need repair:

  1. Fix wooden window if they are cracked, damaged or chipped window panes
  2. You need rotten window repair service if the window has discolored sections
  3. When they make sounds and stuck while opening and closing
  4. When you see peels, leaks, and stripping sash sections in the windows
  5. Wood windows repair is mandatory when any part of them has fallen off the frame

If you are seeking wood windows repair for your home, office or any other apartment or building, you have reached at the right place. We fix wooden window and provide rotten window repair service at affordable costs with quality results. Our team is excited to serve you, meet your custom needs, and repair the windows as per your specification and personalization.

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It’s almost Spring- Time to check your Windows and Doors for Repair

As we bid goodbye to the cold wintery winds and embrace the fresh spring breeze, it’s time to check the safety features of your house for possible windows repair. Your home needs periodical inspections for eradicating the maintenance issues and spring is the ideal time to do so. It is of extreme importance that you perform a thorough check to ensure that your windows and doors are in working order after the possible impairments caused by the winter season.

Your doors and windows can act as possible entry points for undesirable moisture and air leaks. Moreover, windows and doors can serve as an emergency exit point in case of fire. In order to rapidly escape the harmful circumstances, or prevent small children from falling through open windows, proper maintenance is important. Here are few ways you can properly check the windows and doors:

Inspect Closely

It is important to properly inspect the exteriors and interior areas around your doors and windows. If there are signs of peeling or flaking of paints, it’s time you must get it repainted or refurnished. You must look closely at signs of the discoloration, deterioration, or cracking of the woods that can be due to moisture leaks.

Check Everything

You must check the tracks for possible collection of debris and dirt. Sometimes leaves, insects and pine needles can hamper the air tight seals of your windows and doors. It is important that you slide the windows to feel an uneven sliding or crackling. In case the movement isn’t smooth, try applying a lubricant to the tracks.

Give Special Consideration to Locks

Special consideration must be given to the door locks to check if they have a problem. Locks form the most important part of the household safety. If they are wobbly or too tight, you should consider changing them.

Check for Air Leakages

Feel for the possible air leak signs around the doors and windows. Air leakages can allow moisture to sneak into your walls. While this can be particularly troubling during the winter seasons, it is good to check it during spring season too.

Ensure Safety Issues

If you have small children in the house, it is important that you check for all window safety measures. The window opening control devices should be placed where there is a risk of children peeking through the windows of high-rise buildings.  If you already have these devices installed, make sure they are functioning properly.

Insect screens

Even the tiniest of creatures celebrate the joy of spring. If you want to prevent them from partying in your house, it is important to check your insect screens. Look out for any holes or scratches that can allow insects to buzz in your home.  If required, replace the screens and get a new one. Insect screens are not supposed to prevent falls so do not rely on them to protect your little ones. They are not designed to support weight and can easily lead to fall accidents.

Window Condensation Solutions


Short Term Solutions

  1. Open the windows and doors. High humidity is often caused by a hyperventilation or poor air circulation. Opening a window or door will change this.
  2. Turn down the heat. Keeping your home cooler will reduce the temperature difference between the air and the glass. Try to keep the temperature between 66 to 68 degrees.
  3. Minimize your cooking times and turn on a fan when cooking.
  4. Turn on the exhaust fan in your bathroom when showering and take shorter showers with cooler water.
  5. Check that your clothes dryer is properly vented to the outside and not the attic. Try to make the vent ducts as short as possible and seal them with duct tape or caulk to ensure that the moisture leaves the house.
  6. Turn a fan onto the window to evaporate the liquid and put it back into the air. Of course, this will only work as long as the fan is turned on.
  7. Cover windows with plastic or interior storm windows. This will provide a layer between the moist warm air and the cold surface.

Long Term Solutions

  1. Install exhaust fans in your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. If possible, install a timer that will keep the fan running for 15 to 20 minutes after you shower to remove any excess moisture.
  2. Invest in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are great additions to bathrooms and basements where humidity levels are highest.
  3. Reduce the number of plants and aquariums in your home—both add water to the air. If possible, water your plants less often.

Do Replacement Windows Save Money? True Story.

How I can save money on home remodeling and repairing?

Have you ever asked yourself that?

I believe you did, so as hundreds of homeowners out there including myself. It can get really overwhelming and frustrating dealing with different companies and subcontractors, especially, when you know nothing or very little about construction.

However if something has to be done around the house, otherwise it cost you and your family a lot of discomfort and money waist, majority of us forget to do a proper research.
Especially, if we are talking about some of the most important and the most expensive parts of the house, windows.



Advertisement and professionals tell us to replace old windows and by doing so you are:

  • Making a wise financial investment in your house;
  • Being “Green” – saving energy;
  • Making your house easier to sell by improving the appearance;


I’m sorry, but you have been fooled.


Total window replacement was created to take your money and have nothing to do points describe up about. Often homeowner’s they need window replacement because nowadays window industry spends tens of millions of dollars a year to convince them to buy their interior products.

Let me explain.

Your bills won’t go down as much as the window salesman promised. In fact, your new replacement windows will save you so little money on your energy bills that the payback period for this investment may be more than 100 years — far longer than the new windows are likely to last.

You can repair old wood windows and save money. Excess paint and broken pulley systems are the most common problems with wood windows, but they are really easy fix. Stripping and refinishing the wood, as well as replacing the rope in the pulley system with a chain, will give your wood window long life.

Rotted wood doesn’t necessarily mean window death.Window repair specialist can usually fix bad part of your window, and it is going to look and perform like new. Properly maintained wood windows and storm windows work together like the two pieces of glass in a double-pane window.

As well if you add weather stripping to wood windows and storm windows, it is possible to achieve similar energy ratings of double-pane replacement windows. Of course, if your windows were neglected you may consider window replacement, but do yourself a favor and, meet with window repair specialist in your area to discuss what can be done.

Remember you can’t fix vinyl windows, when they broke in 5-10 years you will have to replace them again, but you can always fix wood windows and they can work years.

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Window Capping. Should I Cap My Windows ?


Have you ever was in between making decision to cap or not to cap your wood windows?
Or you are making your mind right now if you should or not to make this to your windows.

Thank God you are reading this, therefore you will have on honest opinion on it.

What is capping?

In construction capping or window capping (window cladding, window wrapping) refers to the application of aluminum or vinyl sheeting cut and formed with a break to fit over the exterior, wood trim of a building. The aluminum is intended to make aging trim with peeling paint look better, reduce future paint maintenance, and provide a waterproof layer to control the infiltration of water.

Therefore it seems obviously, that capping should protect your window frames and sells, practically it has opposite effect.

However it is really good idea to do this when you have vinyl window install, a lot of contractors picked up this practice for wood and half wood windows, what actually not protect them, but destroy them.
Capping is really popular in some regions, especially in Philadelphia area.

As homeowners we all looking for ways to save money on a lot of things around the house. Although there is some stuff can not be safe on. Your wood windows are required constant maintenance, painting, cleaning, checking on rotten parts etc. Sometimes it is a little overwhelming, for homeowners, so capping comes in handy, because you can simply cover window and forget about all maintenance and work that should be done on windows.

But for how long?

In a long run you will pay more for fixing problems that capping will create.

You see, when you have your wood windows wrapped, you can not see what is going on under it. Wood as natural material what has to “breath”. When wood is cover with vinyl or metal it is disposed to sunlight during the day and it’s cooling down at night time, what naturally create moist between wood and capping material.

Wood Rot – A Cover Up Story

Wood Rot – A Cover Up Story


You can read a good article from the picture

shown below: Wood Rot – A Cover Up Story





As well as no matter how good was capping there is no way that it will protect wood 100% from additional water and air perversion, what will speed up wood deterioration.

Those processes are going to repeat every single day.

How long do you think it will take to good wood under cap to go bed and start rotting and, what is more dangerous, mold?

Surroundings under cap is perfect for mold forming, which with time with get to your walls and can get into your house.
Worthless to say, that you won’t be able to safe wood that was under the caper, replacement will be necessary.

How much it’s going to cost? I believe more than yearly wood window maintain.

We often tempted to make a decision so fast, especially, when there is a salesman in front of us, describing, that what he is selling is the best solution for us and our house.
Not realizing that they will find enough facts to proof that earth isn’t round, just to sell their product or service.

Remember! Capping is hiding a problems no fixing them, so before you make decision to wrap your windows, think if it worth all of the problems and expenses that coming right after in less than 5 years.

If you are buying a house, you have to be aware of this as well, because it may looks perfect from outside, but have a BIG problem from inside, that you’ll have to deal with.

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